Working together in Trust

Samenwerken in Vertrouwen training teaches you practical methods to significantly improve your collaboration skills.
Improvements in both individual skills – in relationship building – and in the culture of the organization, which can have a powerful effect on both effectiveness and trust.

We provide participants with five essential skills necessary for building long-term relationships. With these skills you can become more effective in building cooperative relationships.

  1. Intention to cooperate
  2. Honesty and openness
  3. Own responsibility
  4. Being aware of yourself and aware of others
  5. Problem solving and negotiation

Teams, companies and organizations stand or fall with the effectiveness of relationships, so learning these skills will result in a drastic and measurable impact on the end result.

The training consists of two parts:

  1. The first part focuses on the interior and the development from the individual. It’s about your own attitude and its effect on relationships
  2. The second part focuses on methods necessary for developing and maintaining successful relationships between people

After this training you can;

  • Indicate what your role is in cooperation
  • Are you aware of what you are doing and what you want to do
  • Do you know the behavior you show when you defend yourself
  • Are you aware of making choices and taking responsibility
  • You can conduct a (negotiation) conversation from interest-based principles

Want to know more? Please contact Bjørna Rekers: or +31-6-16928961


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Working together in Trust
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