The Heart Journey

HartsTocht is a journey within yourself. We are going to walk the path of awareness of YOU in 3.5 days! Real change comes from within. How can you take a look at your “innerself”?

  • Through guided visualizations
  • Group processes
  • Individual processes
  • Confrontational exercises
  • Reflection exercises

Who preceded you?

  • People who lack self-confidence
  • People who have trouble setting boundaries
  • People who have difficulty accepting themselves
  • People who judge others and/or judge themselves
  • People who want more self-awareness

Do you also want to tackle all of the above things at once. Under professional guidance you get a picture of your behavior, feeling and self-image. Of your true self and what really matters in your life. So that you are no longer influenced by:

  • The feeling of being attacked
  • Being judged
  • Unnecessary assumptions
  • Leaking energy
  • The inability to say what you really would like to say

We do this journey 4 times a year in March, June, September and November. The location is Klooster Dolphia, Gronausestraat 710 in Enschede. Isolated from the hectic everyday life and yet in the middle of the world. Feel invited!

After this trip

  • You have gained profound insight into your life so far
  • You’re aware of your grow, defenses and fears
  • You know how to get in touch with your true self
  • You have an overview of the steps you want to take
  • Your life has changed

Want to know more?

Please contact Bjørna Rekers. or +31-6-16928961


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The Heart Journey
On a journey of discovery to Personal Leadership, from your head to your heart


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