What’s Day to Day Leadership?
Day to Day Leadership training is unlike any other leadership training. It is a combination of roles and styles that you approach from different areas of responsibility. This allows you to choose the right approach in the challenges you face daily as a leader. With this training you lay a solid foundation for reliable, visible and consistent leadership. After the training you will have more insight into your responsibilities as a leader and tools to apply in your daily work as a leader.

You determine the course you follow as a leader.
As a leader, you have a comprehensive task. You have to keep a lot of balls high and you have different responsibilities. For that you have to take on different styles and roles. In this leadership training you will learn how to coach, lead and, if necessary ‘blow the referee whistle’. You become aware of the roles you take on the three main lines of leadership: Strategy – People – Action

What do you get out of it?
Day to Day Leadership training offers you and your organization a set of practical tools. This allows you to look objectively at your role as a leader. During the training you learn and practice the eight roles. You also practice different leadership styles. The “style” is the intervention you do.
After the Day to Day leadership training:

  • You provide consistent and visible leadership
  • Are you more effective and efficient as a manager
  • Are you visibly more involved in the organization
  • Are you more agile as a manager
  • You approach situations objectively without letting your emotions get in your way
  • Do you have more insight into your responsibilities as a leader

In addition to these insights, we work together on your personal development plan. It is based on the roles and styles that you want to pay even more attention to.

The Day to Day Leadership training program
This training consists of two and a half days:
Day 1: from 9 am to 8.30 pm (day 1 concludes with a game)
Day 2: from 9 am to 5 pm

For whom?
A training for leaders / sr. employees who are open to change
The name of the training says it all: it is suitable for managers and anyone with a steering or coordinating role. When you participate in this training, we expect you to reflect on your own leadership. From this reflection you can take steps, so that you are increasingly able to consistently grab your leadership. Because those who want to change their leadership style are open to growth.

This training is possible as open training or as custom / in-company training.

Want to know more? Please contact Bjørna Rekers or +31-6-16928961


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